How To Guide for Updating Unit Pin at


Content originally developed by Rick Hillenbrand, National Commissioner Service Communications Chair, BSA

Making sure that your unit's information is correct on is a tool that allows prospective Scouting families to find your unit. To manage your unit's BeAScout pin, and optionally modify your unit's "Organization Manager" settings, log into your account.

The following unit leaders can update your unit's information in "Organization Manager", and your unit's meeting location and contact information in BeAScout:

  • Unit Leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Varsity Coach, Crew Advisor or Skipper)
  • Unit Committee Chair
  • Chartered Organization Rep, and
  • Key 3 Delegate
All in all, it can take less than 10 minutes to update your unit's pin!

Update Family Scouting Settings in Organization Manager[edit]

Not so intuitive, the first step is to make any changes due to the Family Scouting Program. If your unit is unaffected by the Family Program you can skip this step, but verifying this information is encouraged.

Units that have decided to become a Family Program unit need to:

  • Step 1: Log onto your account at and select Organization Manager under the applicable unit section on the left-hand menu. A new page will be displayed.
  • Step 2: Select the Settings tab. What you will see may vary from unit to unit and council to council depending on decisions your council has made. At the bottom, below all the options for Credit Card Opt-in, Membership Application Approval and the associated settings, there a section called Family Scouting. The unit then needs to:
  • Step 3: "Opt-In" to Family Scouting
  • Step 4: Select a Family Scouting Effective Date
  • Step 5: Select the type of youth the Unit Can Accept ('Boys Only,' 'Girls Only' or for packs 'Both Boys and Girls')

Organization Manager.png

Failure to modify your unit's Family Scouting program settings will cause your unit's pin to not accurately reflect how your unit is participating in the Family Scouting program.

Update BeAScout Pin Settings[edit]

The second step is to update your pin settings at by:

  • Step 1: Log onto your account at and select BeAScout under the Legacy Web Tools section on the left-hand menu. A new page will be displayed. Make sure you are on the Unit Pin Management tab.
  • Step 2: Take a moment to look over the Unit Pin Management screen. Note that the Google Pin Preview section in the bottom-right area of the page – it displays what will appear on the Google map. It will change as you enter/edit information in these steps.
  • Step 3: Check the Unit Description - this box contains a combination of your unit name and your chartered organization. If that the information is incorrect then reach out to your district executive (DE) for assistance.
  • Step 4: Make sure the Unit Pin Mode is set to "Unit", not "Council."
  • Step 5: Make sure the Pin Status says "Active" if you want your pin visible to on the map.
  • Step 6: Make sure the Apply Status is set to "Active" to permit the submission of on-line applications
  • Step 7: If your unit has a website or FaceBook page, enter the web address (URL). Otherwise, enter the district website (e.g., Potomac District). You can edit this field later if your unit establishes a website.
  • Step 8: Update the Alternate Unit Description: many units opt to type their unit type and number followed by their meeting location (e.g., "Pack 867 - Lincoln Elementary"). If you select to display the Alternate Unit Description it will replace the system generated Unit Description displayed at the top of the page.
  • Step 9a: Select your primary contact. The primary contact will receive all emails from prospective Scout parents, so be sure to let the person know that they will be responding to all parent leads. If the person is already a registered adult leader in your Scout unit, then their name will be selectable from a list. Once selected, all information is automatically provided in this section's fields.
  • Step 9b: Also be sure to check all the information with the primary contact volunteer and edit fields that are no longer current (e.g., phone number, email address). It is very important that you keep this information up-to-date as volunteers and contact information will change over time.
  • Step 10: Enter the location where your unit holds its meetings (address information). This address will dictate where your unit pin will appear on Google Maps.
It may be helpful to enter the name of your meeting location address 1 and the street address on address 2
  • Step 11: Optionally include Additional Unit Information, up to 140 characters. Ideas include meeting dates and times, feeder school(s) and/or church and your unit’s on-line membership application Micro URL generated by Invitation Manager.
  • Step 12: Check the fields to display on your Unit Pin.

Unit Pin Preview.png

  • Step 13: Check the Google PIN preview - this is a preview of what will appear on the map. Parents will only be able to see what is in this box, so please review it carefully for accuracy.
There is an option to change the icon from a Scouting map symbol representing your unit type to something else. Please do not change the unit logo icon.

Google Pin Preview.png

  • Step 14: Once you are done, click the "SAVE" button and your information will be uploaded. That’s all you need to do to set up your unit for Be sure to do this as soon as possible so your unit will get recruiting leads.
  • Step 15: Go check what is really showing up for you unit on the BeAScout map.

BeAScout Pin.png